Breed with Eurocommerce Berlin with discount!


In 2011 the stud fee of Eurocommerce Berlin will be € 3.250, - and we understand that this means a big cost for as breeder. To meet in the costs of the stud fee of Eurocommerce Berlin we have the following conditions prepared for you. 

Terms of payment 

The stud fee of Eurocommerce Berlin will be billed in two terms of payment. After the first insemination of your mare, you pay within 10 days the first part ad. € 1.500, -. The remaining sum of. € 1.750, - you pay when your mare have a living foal in 2012.



For the 2011 breeding season you can register for insemination of Eurocommerce Berlin using a registration form. When you make sure to return the registration form and make a down payment before the first insemination, you will receive € 250, - discount on the remaining part of the stud fee. The down payment deposit will be billed to you after we received the form. This form is available here.

These regulations apply only to those mares inseminated in the Netherlands and your mare may only be inseminated at the following stations:

- Stal Eurocommerce  (bij DAP de Graafschap te Vorden)

- De Faculteit in Utrecht

- De Radstake in Varsseveld

- Ardts in Haps

- Dirckx in Weert    

- Cazemier in Nuis

If your mare is not pregnant and you are considering interim switching to a different stallion of Stal Eurocommerce the price difference will be calculated with your deposit on the stud fee of Eurocommerce Berlin.